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[#104777] Written by: Boxkutter [18/09/08, 22:02]
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love this show. just started watching it a few months ago and i think it is
hilarious. not afraid to make fun of anyone or anything. the lack of moral
barometers of the five main characters is great.
[#104779] Written by: MaJie [18/09/08, 22:13]
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i love this show!!!!! thanks so much!!! the best sitcom since seinfeld.
[#104780] Written by: drewmit [18/09/08, 22:13]
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Quote by boxkutter
the lack of moral
barometers of the five main characters is great.

there was a great interview w/ the 3 creators of the show (the 3 men who aren't
danny devito) on the avclub this week:

from the article, a couple of quotes seem to indicate that the characters
actually do have moral barometers -- they just don't work so well:

"avc: is there a limit in the show to how redeemable you can make your
characters? or how outrageous you can make the action?

cd: yeah. i think so. i think so. i think the limit is when it's not funny. i
think it's such a gray area, that you really just have to stick to your gut with
when it's funny and when it's not funny. you know, if it seems like our
characters are doing malicious things with malicious intent, then maybe it's not
funny. when you sort of see their twisted motivations behind it, or how they
justify it in their minds, then i think you can still find the humor in it. but
we'll see. as society changes, the show will change. "

"avc: it's strange to see a show in which the home viewer doesn't necessarily
have an active rooting interest in the people they're watching. the audience
doesn't necessarily want any of you to succeed at any of your schemes, and yet
we don't dislike you either. it's an odd balance to strike.

gh: i think maybe on some level, it's a heightened version of rooting for the
underdog, even though you know the underdog is going to fail, and even though
you know they probably should. but i think you do in some way find yourself
rooting for these characters, because for all the crazy, messed-up things they
do, in a weird way, they're very optimistic. i think you'll notice that at the
beginning of most episodes, our characters tend to have a lot of hope, and a lot
of ideas on how to achieve their dreams. even though we do a lot of dark, heavy
things, we usually start every episode like, "hey, i found out a way in which we
can make our lives better." and then boom, we set out to do that, and the way in
which we do that ends up being a little fucked-up.:
[#104786] Written by: pathomancer [18/09/08, 22:42]
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these 2 eps should be nuked, 'its' is a contraction of 'it is' and spelled with
an apostrophe it's. frankly i am surprised they didn't spell it i-t-z.

just because the show is a celebration of stupidity is no excuse to be stoopid.
i have filed an official complaint with the grammar police and expect them to
act promptly.
[#104788] Written by: QSnexus [18/09/08, 22:47]
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so good.. oh so good.
[#104835] Written by: diawol [19/09/08, 04:48]
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love this show! but why are there bleeps when they say f**k? the bleeps have
never been there before... i mean, the show is on the same network as rescue me!
[#104842] Written by: 012345 [19/09/08, 06:08]
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..plus, why can't they just start airing it in hd!? this hilarious show
certainly deserves it!
[#104844] Written by: SatanBJ [19/09/08, 06:17]
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'fuck' gets sponsors mad.
[#104846] Written by: JenniDark [19/09/08, 06:50]
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Quote by satanbj
'fuck' gets sponsors mad.

it's always those fucking sponsors, eh?
[#104859] Written by: NSI [19/09/08, 10:58]
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Quote by pathomancer
these 2 eps should be nuked, 'its' is a contraction of 'it
is' and spelled with an apostrophe it's.

special characters are often dropped from file names in releases. you won't see
a lot of: colons (semi- or full), quotes, apostrophes, ampersands, dollar
signs, or percents.
[#104902] Written by: Zetetic [19/09/08, 22:11]
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the phonetic spoonerism of 'sunny in phili' is 'funny 'n silly'.

but if i am so easily amused why don't i care for this show?
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