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[#107963] Written by: Assmunch [03/08/09, 10:03]
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great episode and the ending had me choking back a tear - fantastic finish and i can't wait until fall.
[#107981] Written by: Rauchen [03/08/09, 11:22]
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yeah the ending to that episode was epic! i can't wait until the fall either and i hope that they
have more than 7 episodes :d
[#107986] Written by: kesek [03/08/09, 11:34]
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i can't agree with either one of you, for starters it was not energetic, no interesting things were going on at
all, and most of all. the final scenes were a bit too soft for a season finale! i can't see why you both say it
was a great episode?!

i've watched them all, e05 and e07 were the two worst episodes i've seen yet! (sic!)
[#107994] Written by: Assmunch [03/08/09, 12:17]
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i understand what you mean and i agree about episode 5, i actually slept through that one and this
whole series was really slow. nothing really crazy happened and the challenges were mute and no
crazy trips - but we are in a recession and cutting costs, especially in an expensive show like top
gear, makes sense.

about the ending, it -is- top gear after all and clarkson just driving with soothing music isn't
exciting at all. i was getting really restless until he started his rant of the vanquish v12 being
the end of an era. then it dawned on me as to what happened and it became clear to me: it was his
recognition that this series wasn't the best.

in the end - and you are obviously free to think otherwise - he was admiting it wasn't a great series so
he gave me what i want the most out of top gear. lots of that gorgeous rumbling of a massive motor
and a cruise down on beautiful road - nothing more and nothing less - top gear minimalist.

imho, if it was supposed to be drab and boring, they would have put may or hammond in the car and
not have ended the series the way they did cutting into clouds.

there, i rambled enough.
[#108147] Written by: byrontyrer [04/08/09, 01:28]
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assmunch, you sum up all the words i was going to say. thank you now i don't need to say a thing.

one of the best tv shows around at the moment but pitty this season wasn't the best. i am sure they
will be back with an explosion.
[#108326] Written by: Enq [04/08/09, 22:32]
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ahh, i can agree with some of your points. although i do miss the wild trips abroad and things that
i am frankly shocked can be shown on television, i appreciated after all of the madness to have a
sane tv series albeit a short one. even though some of the content throughout was dissapointing, we
finally saw jeremy clarkson put on his serious face in the season finale. for me that was a complete
twist which we haven't seen before and for that reason alone i really enjoyed the ending.
[#108395] Written by: PigVenus [05/08/09, 10:47]
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absolutely one of my favorite shows on tv!

i agree with previous comments about this season not being a good as others. however, in top gear's
defense, perhaps we have all got a little spoiled by some of the epic seasons. even a slower season
like this past one is still far better than almost any other tv series. i do hope they get back to
more of the 3-way competitions. those are always fun.

i don't know of any other program - especially in the usa - that can match any aspect of top gear.
i love the fact that they are often not politically correct and blatantly so - without apologies.
so refreshing!
[#109188] Written by: Arfaer [12/08/09, 03:49]
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so what happened to 13x6? there is 13x5 and then 13x7, did i miss something?
[#109343] Written by: mhajrq8 [14/08/09, 17:21]
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first i watch the episode on tv then i download it and watch it again!!!;d
[#116393] Written by: sCifI3001 [15/08/09, 03:45]
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so, either he got bored, or the new user database is now full
[#116396] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [15/08/09, 04:28]
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lol. will clean when i get back from holidays.
[#116422] Written by: Willo_1 [15/08/09, 19:49]
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what happened to episode 6 as was asked earlier???
[#116966] Written by: IanGeo [24/08/09, 04:56]
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i would like to know too what happened to episode 6? why wasn't it uploaded? thanks for the uploads guys
great job!
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