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   Spartacus Blood and Sand S01E07 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION



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[#129537] Written by: deftool [06/03/10, 03:38]
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i nééééééd the small version!!! (the large one is wicked slow btw)
[#129540] Written by: Draddict [06/03/10, 03:48]
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i know i shouldnt be ungrateful... but the 1.4gb version before the regular 500mb version... oh the
huge manatee!

play nice huh internet
[#129542] Written by: Glitchlol [06/03/10, 05:02]
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[#129543] Written by: Saeldur [06/03/10, 05:15]
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[about some 350mb versions out there that somebody linked to]i don't think those are the real
deal... i saw them on isohunt
and they were marked as "fake", and i'm sure they are, because they were posted 17-18 hours ago...

[about the current torrent] i'll have to wait for a 550mb .avi release, somehow i cannot play .mkv
files on my pc although i do have the matroska pack and i tried with both bsplayer and vlc i'm
sure that this torrent is great however, thanks to dimension for the great job
[#129549] Written by: spike21 [06/03/10, 05:37]
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first one crash my computer when getting the licence...
[#129550] Written by: Udebamus [06/03/10, 05:37]
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i agree, downloaded the 72- version, no worky, want the normal one, and stopped seeding the crap big one... and i always
seed what i download....
[#129553] Written by: c0ld [06/03/10, 05:43]
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hasn't pre-ed yet. doesn't look as though anyone bothered to cap it.
[#129554] Written by: deftool [06/03/10, 05:51]
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what!? this show is awesome!!!
[#129564] Written by: r1ckyg [06/03/10, 06:21]
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there was a pre-air flvfloating around on demonoid, but i waswaiting for the normal avi

and yes, this show rocks!!!
[#129569] Written by: mcddown [06/03/10, 07:07]
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true... is there going to be a 500mb version?
the 720p is really too much for me
[#129571] Written by: Holroyd [06/03/10, 07:15]
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i've started the download but it says 16 hours to go so i'm praying there will be the smaller version and
i can just cancel this, i'd quite like to actually watch the show today lol
[#129572] Written by: deftool [06/03/10, 07:17]
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i'm watching ep 7 right now, downloaded it here: http://www.tvload.org/ (it's an even smaller
version, but full length. the files are mutually interchangeable)

there's even a version of ep 8 out apparently, found here:
http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/2161744/3100888/ (i'm not sure if it's real, i'm
it at the moment)
[#129577] Written by: deftool [06/03/10, 07:38]
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that ep 8 looks like the real deal, it's a screener though... very low quality indeed
[#129585] Written by: Downstream [06/03/10, 09:51]
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totaly forgot about this today and got all excited when i saw the link for spartacus, then saw the 1.4 g
and now im all sad again
[#129587] Written by: Severen666 [06/03/10, 10:24]
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i've heard a few unconfirmed reports from usenet that this file is out of synch, whether that is
actually true, and by how much i can't say, but i just thought i'd throw that out there, just in
case bandwidth is a premium for some folks, and they prefer to wait and see.

it may just be that those reporting synch problems are having an issue running mkv files, as quite a
few folks do seem to run into that particular problem still.

i too was hoping for the smaller file size version, but apart from the low quality screeners, it
hasn't reared its head as of yet unfortunately. hopefully that'll be rectified soon.

edit - apparently there is a smaller version that has hit, though i haven't found it yet at the
usual haunts. the file name to look out for is spartacus.blood.and.sand.s01e07.hdtv.xvid-jupiter
though i can't speak to the quality. hopefully better than the screener at least...
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