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[#163175] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [11/07/11, 07:24]
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yes, there are issues, we know all about it.

eta to when it is fixed is unknown. i'm currently very busy at work which leaves me very little time
to keep eztv and sister sites up to date. i am working on it, just not eta.
[#163885] Written by: bk7777 [22/07/11, 23:59]
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first of all i want to thank you for the ezrss.it and eztv websites. i have been using them for
years and my family has received much joy from them. it is to the point that we almost never have
our dish turned on. we just watch the shows that have download via the rss feeds.

now i do not follow the forums much as it seems to be to hard to get answers or at lease understand
that a response was directed at me. call me old school i like directed conversations i.e. phone
calls or e-mails.

please let me know if i am doing something wrong or need to make adjustment to my setup.

i have been a user of miro for 4 years now and it has served us well. i still have channels setup
that are as old as the initial install of miro. my initial os was win xp but upgraded computers and
now run ubuntu again still using miro as my client.

everything was great and i could expect to receive my many shows on a weekly bases. realizing many
shows are on summer break, there are many that started up this past month or even new shows that we
have come to enjoy i.e. combat hospital and necessary roughness. to use these as examples i have
setup the feeds but rss does not seem to be getting updated. i have to keep coming to eztv to
manually download the shows via transmission.

here is my question can you tell me why "quality of service" as it relates to getting my feeds
updated has gone from 95% or better to a lousy hit or mostly miss of maybe 20%? this has been going
on for 60 to 90 days now.

my current solution is to check eztv daily and manually download the show that the rss feeds are not
getting updated. needless to say that has gotten old real quick.

i am open to suggestions if the problem is on my side as to how to fix or maybe a different approach
to getting my channel feeds. however it is easy to see by example of how the feeds are not
updating. you can use necessary roughness on ezrss as a simple example of not updating.

thank you again for you hard work, as the service you provide is fantastic.


[#163897] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [23/07/11, 03:37]
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i am assuming you did not read my post above which clearly states why.
[#163915] Written by: bk7777 [23/07/11, 12:27]
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sorry i miss read the date. all my mind saw was 11/7 thinking it was posted back in november last year.

looking forward to updates,
[#164207] Written by: ProfessorNinja [29/07/11, 11:35]
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though i too have about an 80% rss feed consistency rate (namely: daily show and colbert report), i
would like to thank you for all your hard work. plus your ingenious "show list" page is perfect to
double check whether the show aired and i missed it. (possible because my comp. was off). this site
is a cornerstone in my media experience. your contributes bring me much joy and once again, thank you.
[#164602] Written by: Russtyisme [08/08/11, 07:48]
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hi novaking and others... no one seems to have commented about ezrss being down completely and not
being able to access it? i've been having the problem for the past 3 days. as no one else has raised the
issue, i don't know whether the problem is isolated to me or if the service is completely down at the


[#164614] Written by: MikeTheBoy [08/08/11, 10:49]
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same for me - www.ezrss.it now times out. last access/feed was 2 days 21 hours ago. maybe this info
will help novaking find out what's wrong. best of luck.


[#164634] Written by: GregiBoy [08/08/11, 17:59]
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same problem here for me and i get no rss feed in my bittorrent client.
[#164638] Written by: mouth [08/08/11, 18:30]
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i too have not had a rss feed for three days?what can we do to help?
[#164640] Written by: ghostuw [08/08/11, 19:04]
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hi all... here's an alternative rss feed for eztv shows:


and thanks to novaking for keeping my favorite torrent site going!
[#164649] Written by: mouth [08/08/11, 20:41]
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don't trust this site,sorry
[#164653] Written by: ghostuw [08/08/11, 22:15]
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@mouth... i understand your concern but the rss feed is ok. if you go to the main site though,
definitely disable javascript :-)
[#164662] Written by: mouth [09/08/11, 01:55]
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i guess what i'm trying to find out about are older listings in "life made easy " like older bbc
shows or documentaries and others no longer seeing that list available?
[#164676] Written by: bla$ter [09/08/11, 08:49]
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bt-chat might not be "user friendly", but at least it's reliable.
if you are looking for a site that is bot reliable and user friendly, you might want to check out
http://showrss.karmorra.info/ , it's far better that bot bt-chat and ezrss combined.
[#164720] Written by: mouth [10/08/11, 10:48]
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http://rss.bt-chat.com/?group=3&cat=9 and http://showrss.karmorra.info/ i tried these and a little
thing called "mac keeper" showed up running in the background,never again..tried suckering me into
compromising my mac, eh! no thanks!!!!!!!
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