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[#182119] Written by: Flashback81 [16/04/12, 09:42]
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Quote by brygdom
Quote by debruehe

like a radio is hearable (?)(listenable?).

the word you were looking for was "audible".
[#182123] Written by: debruehe [16/04/12, 11:01]
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like you can watch it without the urge of hurting yourself!
[#182129] Written by: appleuser [16/04/12, 12:03]
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this is nothing like 'sex and the city' or 'friends'. for those that don't know lena dunham, the writer, star
and creator also created award winning indie movie tiny furniture. classy and funny.
[#182138] Written by: kinetix [16/04/12, 16:11]
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skins-"lite" for the twenty-something generation... lacking both the edge, vitality and wit.
[#182141] Written by: Aikousha [16/04/12, 17:35]
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i normally don't like this kind of show (even in movie form -- think i only saw two in my life that
i enjoyed), but i'll give it a shot, with the rep of the creator.

what shocks me is that with the term "girls," anybody could actually wiki it, without wading through
half-a-million hits. i tried when i first heard of it, narrowing it with tv and 2012, had more than
a million hits (don't think there was an actual wikipedia entry, at the time, either).
[#182144] Written by: iscalio [16/04/12, 19:37]
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Quote by flashback81
Quote by brygdom
Quote by debruehe

like a radio is hearable (?)(listenable?).

the word you were looking for was "audible".

"audible" would be the equivalent of "visible", not "watchable". since the latter is no actual word,
brygdom's attempts at creating equally non-existing words for a radio show were correct ("listenable", as
ugly a neologism it may be, comes closer to "watchable" in meaning, as "hearable" would be analogous
to "seeable" ).

they were also unnecessary, of course, since i am sure he knew exactly what debruehe meant.

[#182149] Written by: BoonesFerry [16/04/12, 22:21]
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@ yezzmann -- thank you for being the first to research and share show info...greatly appreciated.

new show information page
updated april 16, 2012

[#182150] Written by: wrecche [16/04/12, 23:43]
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Quote by wingman82
what does that mean bguy? i'm not from us so didn't get the reference.


but sadly, given the saturation of bewbsies on the telly, it'd be like watching friends just to see
jennifer anistons pokies. 20 years ago, nipples... 20 years later, unplucked chickens.

[#182151] Written by: wrecche [16/04/12, 23:44]
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Quote by calico_jack
"the series follows the lives of [stereotypical archetypes] in their [age
category] who are trying
to [accomplish vague goal] after [mundane event]."

i'm so stoked!!!!11111oneone!!!11eleven!!!

and if it ever makes it to free tv in australia, it will be shown at 11pm [in your region]

cant leave out a fergism, not after you set it up so well!

[#182152] Written by: wrecche [16/04/12, 23:46]
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Quote by accounts
fyi none of them get naked.

well that's that then. nothing to see here.

teenage girls holding sign at one direction gig at sydney tv studio, sign reads "point your erection
in my direction."

girls.... so naughty...
[#182181] Written by: fuzi0719 [17/04/12, 07:41]
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it was painfully dreadful. i've seen better acting in a high-school production of les miz. the
characters are shallow, self-absorbed, and homely wastes-of-air who haven't said or done anything
worthwhile (or funny) in their miserable little lives. at least "sex and the city" had fabulous
wardrobes. these girls just look nasty, as they might smell like day-old hotdog water. girls like
this make me ever-grateful to be a gay man.
[#182208] Written by: neeru [17/04/12, 15:50]
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the watchable-audible arguement was the only enjoyable part of this torrent.

this show is horribly dreadful with a side of dreary.all they do is yap yap yap yap..

(well we should'nt have expected more from a show named "girls"
[#182341] Written by: veronica lodge [20/04/12, 00:51]
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i respectfully disagree with the assessments of this show from other posters. it's got a more subtle
kind of humor and the characters are not so over-the-top as on many shows, nor are they are all
'relatable' or even likeable, unlike the way that so many characters, even in dramedies, are often

the review that comes closest to my opinion of the show and its pilot episode is by maureen ryan
writing at the huffington post which you can find here:

[#182363] Written by: crash613 [20/04/12, 14:01]
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this show is fucking horrible. after the first scene in the restaurant with the girl getting mad
because parents will no longer support her,... 2 years out of college. i was like "what a fucking
cunt." and that did it for me. lost total interest.

i kept with it though, because i didn't like shameless at first either. but that show is awesome
and has a great story.

this is just filler.

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