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[#21330] Written by: spiffy [09/03/07, 01:43]
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thank you so much! :d
[#21343] Written by: jagtown [09/03/07, 04:10]
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love this show
[#21363] Written by: jotabp [09/03/07, 06:48]
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shame can't find subtitles...
[#21371] Written by: spetz [09/03/07, 08:06]
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Quote by jotabp
shame can't find subtitles...

you can write in english but not understand it im confused here
[#21380] Written by: God [09/03/07, 09:42]
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let me clarify. he's an idiot. understand now? =)
[#21393] Written by: neurofreak [09/03/07, 10:14]
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whats up with her nose? it looks like michael jacksons!
[#21397] Written by: tlstls666 [09/03/07, 10:45]
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Quote by god
let me clarify. he's an idiot. understand now? =)

this might be news for you, but not everyone in the world speaks english, and
of those who do, not everyone can understand the heavy accent used in this
series. by the tone of your statement i could even say what country you're
from, but, unlike you, i'm not a flamer. and i bet you don't speak any other
language than english, or else you'd know how the learning curve is and how
long it takes. now, who's the idiot? you or the guy that speaks more than one
[#21398] Written by: Orrorri [09/03/07, 10:57]
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reading/writing a language and speaking/understanding spoken conversation are
two different things. how long do you get to understand something when they
speak it? only as long as it takes for them to say it and move on... how long
do you get to translate something written? as much time as you need... most
people who learn new languages are better with reading and writing when they
start - and the whole spoken thing comes with time... just because someone can
ask for something in english (written) doesn\'t mean they even speak it at all...
[#21401] Written by: TheBlart [09/03/07, 11:32]
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or has anyone even considered the thought that this person could be deaf?
i really love the ignorance of our advanced society.

ps thanks for the torrent from canada....love the show
[#21402] Written by: SigmaNunki [09/03/07, 11:39]
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my wife is german and has been living and working in north america for several years (though there was
several trips before that). i still have to repeat things that actors say in shows, whether is it a uk
production or something from america (though she doesn\'t really require this with things produced
in canada, you americans slur your speech way too much). i\'ll also point out that she reads faster than i
do (canadian born and raised).

so, the request isn\'t really out of the realm of reality at all. in fact, it\'d probably help if one pays close
attention and repeats as necessary.
[#21404] Written by: SigmaNunki [09/03/07, 11:47]
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or has anyone even considered the thought that this person could be deaf?

given how rare being deaf is, especially when compared to how many "foreigners" there are, the
assumption that this person is _not_ deaf is quite a good one.

i realy love the ignorance of our advanced society.

ignorance, eh? might want to stow that self righteous attitude until you think next time.
[#21406] Written by: God [09/03/07, 12:27]
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it's not flaming if it's true.
and my native language is not english.

chew on that.. let it marinate. i know it takes longer for you to understand =)
[#21425] Written by: spetz [09/03/07, 15:38]
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didn't mean to start any wars now... for me english isn't my first language
german is swiss german at that, but i have been living in canada for along time
so i understand british and american, but for me this show seems easy to follow
unlike some other stuff i have seen especially irish.

i was just curious if the person could truly not understand the accent if he
didn't understand english well but could write it or maybe a friend need subs or
[#21433] Written by: J4kez [09/03/07, 17:16]
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i think that the shameless serie is a lot harder to follow tbh, this one isn't
too hard
[#21446] Written by: TheBlart [09/03/07, 18:49]
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i am not sure where i was being self righteous...i was merely commenting upon
the lack of awareness in our world today. we are supposed to be at our most
advanced state technologically, yet we seem to display so many shortcomings
sociologically. i wasn't being rude to anybody, just commenting that it
surprises me that someone is verbally attacked for asking for subtitles. i
never told anyone to assume a person was deaf, the idea that the person may be
deaf was only another added reason to the ongoing list that others had

i may have been a little sarcastic by saying "advanced society" but i am not
sure how i pushed your "angry button" with that statement.
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