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[#67679] Written by: dalezer [11/11/07, 07:58]
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go watch "survivor man" cuz this show is just an act. the guy is faking that
he is in the middle of nowhere, when he was like 20 meters away from a highway
in the australia episode.
[#67683] Written by: Sanchez [11/11/07, 08:54]
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thanks for your input but i like this show just fine
[#67684] Written by: Immor7al [11/11/07, 08:57]
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bear is still a legend and this show is still awesome , though i might watch
survivor man later.
[#67687] Written by: Shimonu [11/11/07, 09:25]
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problem with people is that they see every discovery show as plain
entertainment. you're suppose to learn from this. not watch because someone is
out in the middle of nowhere.
they started showing survivor man here and i just couldn't watch it. just really
annoying with him handling the cameras all the time.
[#67694] Written by: trai_dep [11/11/07, 10:10]
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well, it is television.

if the techniques are solid, and if they note when they change things for dramatic effect, i'm okay with it.

and, keep in mind that bear has done more things waaaay out there than most you couch potatoes ever
will, makes me cut the guy some slack.

yeah, annoyed that he got caught faking stuff, but only because i wouldn't have minded if he did it, then
said so in the voice-overs. then moved on. i get it, nature doesn't cooperate with a tv filming schedule
all the time. just tell us, we're adults and we'll move on. but i think that's where they're going now, so...
[#67695] Written by: pHk [11/11/07, 10:35]
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we've covered this before, but i just don't care whether this is 100% reality or
not. bear presents this show in a great way, beautiful and intriguing locations,
just an overall good, really enjoyable show.

anyway, nice that it's back. thanks for adding
[#67697] Written by: Amourek [11/11/07, 11:01]
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if it was 100% real, most of the time he'd come across absolutely nothing
interesting or worth mentioning. that wouldn't be very educational or entertaining.
[#67700] Written by: awmartian [11/11/07, 11:17]
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i like the show and i am excited it is back on. who cares if it is real or
not. bear is hillarious to watch. thank you uploader please keep them coming!
[#67705] Written by: treetraveler [11/11/07, 12:06]
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i love both shows, anything that might help someone remember a few tricks that
could help them survive outdoors. i spend alot of time in places where i am not
at the top of the food chain, and find that trying to explain what survival
situations are like, a better appreciation for lower comfort levels comes from
watching survivor man. a better retention of what to do always comes from
watchin bear for his great comedic moments: i would rather suffer than eat a
sheep i found near some ice, i don't care if he faked it. lol! people in shark
attacks credit discovery channels shark week for knowing how to survive, someday
thanks to these shows, maybe the elusive couch potato will survive outside of
its natural habitat under adverse conditions thanks to these shows.
[#67706] Written by: Shimonu [11/11/07, 12:26]
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i doubt he booked himself a room in this episode as he said they had to
evacuate 2 from the crew due to the heat. don't think they had any special
treatment if they suffered from the heat. he also said that they brought him the
cobra so he could show what to do. and it's not like he tries to do stuff the
easy way. he for example jumped in the mud/quicksand to show how to get out. i'm
sure he spent a bit of time in there, time he could have used to walk further.
[#67722] Written by: dutchct [11/11/07, 15:32]
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the fact that he fakes it makes it that much more funny! i love how he over
dramatizes everything!
[#67731] Written by: death734 [11/11/07, 16:53]
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oh who cares if the show is not 100% real as far as the locations and stuff, he
still does and eats a whole lot of crazy stuff.
[#67884] Written by: radwimp [12/11/07, 08:06]
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eh, the show is hilarious and entertaining now that i know it's (mostly) fake.
my only problem is the fact they advertised it as a real survivalist show. half
the things he does would end up killing you.
[#67933] Written by: yeahyeah [12/11/07, 15:35]
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um....yeah, pretty sure it's a television show. tv=not real. after watching such
shows as this you can combat the fakeness by getting up and doing something
about it.
eztv is king!
[#67947] Written by: kinson [12/11/07, 18:09]
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noticed the extremely silly part where he supposedly is moving at night,
building shelter, complaining about the risk of getting bitten by snakes or
stung by some insect during night when he catn see, funny thing is the camera
set nightvision... how many of you are used to clearly black shadows when you
are filmed in the middle of the night? damn hoax.
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