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  Show name Rating
The 100      100, The 7.80
avg out of 93494 votes
2 Broke Girls      2 Broke Girls 6.80
avg out of 69625 votes
60 Days In      60 Days In 8.30
avg out of 258 votes
Adam Devine's House Party      Adam Devine's House Party 6.20
avg out of 169 votes
Adventure Time      Adventure Time 8.70
avg out of 45677 votes
Beauty And The Beast (2012)      Beauty And The Beast (2012) 7.20
avg out of 28818 votes
The Big Bang Theory      Big Bang Theory, The 8.40
avg out of 519691 votes
The Blacklist      Blacklist, The 8.20
avg out of 101929 votes
Bones      Bones 8.00
avg out of 108398 votes
Clarence      Clarence 6.60
avg out of 2632 votes
Conan      Conan 8.20
avg out of 16385 votes
The Cosmopolitans      Cosmopolitans, The 6.10
avg out of 512 votes
Game of Silence      Game of Silence 7.00
avg out of 769 votes
Grey's Anatomy      Grey's Anatomy 7.70
avg out of 157378 votes
Home and Away      Home and Away 5.20
avg out of 4418 votes
Houdini and Doyle      Houdini and Doyle 6.80
avg out of 549 votes
Impractical Jokers      Impractical Jokers 8.80
avg out of 15669 votes
Inside Amy Schumer      Inside Amy Schumer 7.20
avg out of 6510 votes
The Late Late Show with James Corden      James Corden, The Late Late Show with 6.80
avg out of 1332 votes
Join or Die with Craig Ferguson      Join or Die with Craig Ferguson 7.20
avg out of 225 votes
Legends of Tomorrow      Legends of Tomorrow 7.30
avg out of 27881 votes
Lip Sync Battle      Lip Sync Battle 7.80
avg out of 2293 votes
Mistresses (US)      Mistresses (US) 7.10
avg out of 9436 votes
Mom      Mom 7.00
avg out of 14139 votes
Mountain Men      Mountain Men 7.20
avg out of 690 votes
MV Group Documentaries      MV Group Documentaries 9.28
avg out of 119 votes
Mysteries at the Museum      Mysteries at the Museum 8.30
avg out of 451 votes
The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore      Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, The 5.70
avg out of 2067 votes
The Odd Couple      Odd Couple, The 6.40
avg out of 4869 votes
The Originals      Originals, The 8.40
avg out of 70765 votes
Orphan Black      Orphan Black 8.40
avg out of 63213 votes
Peaky Blinders      Peaky Blinders 8.80
avg out of 47016 votes
Polar Bear Family And Me      Polar Bear Family And Me 6.00
avg out of 1 votes
River Monsters      River Monsters 8.20
avg out of 3168 votes
Rush Hour      Rush Hour 5.70
avg out of 1362 votes
Scandal (US)      Scandal (US) 7.90
avg out of 49998 votes
The Powerpuff Girls      The Powerpuff Girls 4.30
avg out of 508 votes
Victoria Woods Nice Cup Of Tea      Victoria Woods Nice Cup Of Tea 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
WWE Smackdown!      WWE Smackdown! 7.20
avg out of 3631 votes

  Show name Rating
Alaskan Bush People      Alaskan Bush People 6.40
avg out of 1117 votes
The Amazing Race      Amazing Race, The 7.60
avg out of 11473 votes
Ancient Aliens      Ancient Aliens 7.40
avg out of 6007 votes
Atlanta Plastic      Atlanta Plastic 6.20
avg out of 20 votes
Banshee      Banshee 8.40
avg out of 50635 votes
Beyond the Tank      Beyond the Tank 6.10
avg out of 222 votes
Blindspot      Blindspot 7.70
avg out of 28671 votes
Blue Bloods      Blue Bloods 7.50
avg out of 20909 votes
Bunk'd      Bunk'd 5.80
avg out of 644 votes
Comedy Bang! Bang!      Comedy Bang! Bang! 7.70
avg out of 2577 votes
Girl Meets World      Girl Meets World 7.10
avg out of 8361 votes
The Graham Norton Show      Graham Norton Show, The 8.30
avg out of 5226 votes
Grimm      Grimm 7.80
avg out of 80821 votes
Have I Got News For You      Have I Got News For You 8.10
avg out of 3182 votes
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)      Hawaii Five-0 (2010) 7.40
avg out of 46183 votes
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon      Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show Starring 8.00
avg out of 8542 votes
Kendra on Top      Kendra on Top 4.00
avg out of 305 votes
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert      Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The 8.00
avg out of 2540 votes
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse      Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 5.90
avg out of 1198 votes
Player Attack      Player Attack 6.80
avg out of 11 votes
Real Time with Bill Maher      Real Time with Bill Maher 7.70
avg out of 8111 votes
Reign      Reign 7.60
avg out of 27282 votes
Seth Meyers, Late Night With      Seth Meyers, Late Night With 5.90
avg out of 1278 votes
Shark Tank      Shark Tank 7.40
avg out of 5597 votes
Spy World      Spy World 6.66
avg out of 3 votes
Stuck in the Middle      Stuck in the Middle 5.50
avg out of 240 votes
Undercover Boss (US)      Undercover Boss (US) 5.90
avg out of 2509 votes
The Vampire Diaries      Vampire Diaries, The 7.90
avg out of 214664 votes
Vice      Vice 8.90
avg out of 2936 votes
Yo-kai Watch      Yo-kai Watch 6.70
avg out of 85 votes

  Show name Rating
Britain's Got More Talent      Britain's Got More Talent 5.10
avg out of 245 votes
Britain's Got Talent      Britain's Got Talent 6.00
avg out of 2275 votes
Casualty      Casualty 5.90
avg out of 1588 votes
The Dead Files      Dead Files, The 6.60
avg out of 1103 votes
The Hollow Crown      Hollow Crown, The 8.50
avg out of 3041 votes
Motive      Motive 7.30
avg out of 3594 votes
My Cat from Hell      My Cat from Hell 7.80
avg out of 863 votes
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic      My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 7.80
avg out of 15598 votes
Outlander      Outlander 8.50
avg out of 44518 votes
Party Over Here      Party Over Here 3.70
avg out of 114 votes
Pokémon      Pokémon 7.40
avg out of 21674 votes
Saturday Night Live      Saturday Night Live 8.20
avg out of 32352 votes

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